Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"It will haunt you in your sleep..."

The end of semesters always feel crazy, and in Kenya it is no exception! We finished our data collection on Friday and since then we have been doing data analysis, GIS work, and starting our papers. I always underestimate data analysis, and these past few days have reminded me of how I definitely don't enjoy statistics. My brain has been full of species richnesses, Simpson's diversity indices, Jaccard's similarity indices, t-tests... Nevertheless, I am still enjoying myself, and am especially proud of the work I've been doing on GIS. I've got the most GIS experience in my group and have been heading up all the visual stuff we need. In terms of learning GIS, it has been kind of like learning to fly once you are pushed off of a cliff. I will try to post a map that I will use in my paper, I'm quite proud!

We have a day off from DR work tomorrow and we'll be going to Amboseli National Park again. I'm excited to have a break from staring at a computer screen! We'll do a game drive and spend some time at the lodge (swimming!). Then it will be back to the grind of paper writing - everything is due by Tuesday and we present our findings to professors and to community members and officials next Thursday.

Happy December, and also remember that today is World AIDS Day!

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