Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Here is a photo of Kili taken from camp. In the mornings it is very detailed, but as the day progresses it gets hazier and often clouds cover it. The other morning we woke up to see that there had been a snow storm over night, so the slopes were covered in snow. Everyone who is climbing Kili in December is getting really excited, it is good motivation to see Kili as you run. 

Today was a non-program day and this morning I did some laundry and worked on a paper that is due in a few days. It discusses human-wildlife conflict in the Kimana area, and we did interviews with community members on Sunday morning to learn about this. Elephant destruction of crops is a very prevalent problem - elephants raid fields almost nightly during the dry season. Hopefully conflicts will die down soon, because we are entering the short rainy season. It is actually raining right now! This afternoon was the first time we have seen rain since the Serengeti - so refreshing! 

Tomorrow we have a very full day of classes - with a field lecture leaving at 7:15 and then about 6 hours of class between 8 and 4. On Thursday afternoon we will go to Amboseli National Park - our first Kenyan park! I look forward to talking more about what we are learning here in Kenya and about DR once we figure out what projects we are doing. 

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