Friday, October 8, 2010

off to the Serengeti (and some photos)

Tomorrow we leave for our five-day expedition in the Serengeti! We will be camping within the park, and doing lots of game drives and field exercises. One of the things we’ll be focusing on is a survey of wildebeest populations, specifically looking at the age structure and sex ratios of wildebeest in the park. We’ll get to do some early morning and evening game drives, when we’ll hopefully see animals that aren’t as active during the day, like the big carnivores. We’re all really excited to get out of camp for a bit and spend time in such an awesome place! I’ll have lots to talk about when we get back.

Here are some views of the areas around our camp! On the right is the view of the hills we see when we look outside the camp gate, and on the left is a view from the top of a hike we do near camp.

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